Code of conduct

SaSamba is community-based organisation. By joining SaSamba, our members agree to the following behavioural standards.

All members and guests of SaSamba must:

  • ensure SaSamba is not brought into disrepute through their conduct
  • respect others’ right to learn in a friendly, courteous and encouraging environment
  • treat our members and guests with courtesy, dignity and respect.

We will not tolerate:

  • expressions of bigotry, hatred or harassment
  • inappropriate behaviour
  • threatening, abusive, defamatory or offensive comments.

We encourage participation by children. Parents and guardians must maintain responsibility for their children at all times.

Code of ethics

Our members will:

  • avoid conflicts of interest, and appropriately handle any actual or perceived conflicts of interest
  • comply with all applicable Australian, state and local laws and regulations
  • enter into financial relationships with SaSamba only with the approval of the committee
  • protect SaSamba’s clients’ privacy
  • pursue the fulfilment of SaSamba’s mission and promote its values.

Additionally, SaSamba’s committee members will:

  • be responsible, transparent and accountable in all transactions and dealings
  • communicate the significance of SaSamba’s mission and culture to members, stakeholders and the community as appropriate
  • ensure that SaSamba meets its legal and financial obligations
  • fulfil the requirements of committee positions by exercising independent judgement, participating in meetings and carrying out assigned duties
  • maintain the information, skills and qualifications needed to oversee SaSamba’s affairs effectively
  • manage risks effectively
  • observe SaSamba’s constitution and its policies.