SaSamba is a community group that is passionate about playing, teaching and performing Brazilian samba percussion. We apply our passion to contribute to an inclusive, diverse and multicultural society in South Australia.

Core values

We believe that community-based organisations such as ours:

  • are integral to the social and cultural fabric of our society
  • build stronger communities through collaboration
  • can support people to become the best versions of themselves
  • can provide leadership to address social issues
  • foster social cohesion and defend the rights of marginalised people.

As a community-based organisation, SaSamba aims to:

  • be accessible to all who wish to participate
  • cultivate happy, passionate sambistas (samba percussion players)
  • encourage participation in Brazilian culture, and in our community
  • exemplify inclusiveness, diversity and multiculturalism
  • pursue mutually beneficial partnerships with other community organisations.

As members of SaSamba we:

  • are proud of our reputation as a valued contributor to South Australian society
  • care for the wellbeing of our members
  • respect and welcome people of all nationalities, cultural background, races, beliefs, physical abilities, gender and sexual identities and ages
  • subscribe to these values, our code of conduct and our code of ethics.